Deal or no deal: Jacoby Ellsbury

Photo Courtesy of CSNNE
Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer

Be prepared, Red Sox Nation. Jacoby Ellsbury probably won't be in a Red Sox uniform next season. His agent is Scott Boras, who will most likely get the best offer he can. John Henry told CSNNE that he isn't confident about getting an extension for Ellsbury like management was able to do for Dustin Pedroia, at least before the off-season. John Henry added that it would be great if they could get a deal done.

Look, I want to see Jacoby back next year, but it doesn't seem likely. Scott Boras will likely take the first big offer he can get for Ellsbury, which most likely won't be from the Red Sox, if John Henry's comments are anything to judge by. It's still a possibility that Ellsbury decides the Red Sox are worth more than making bank to him, but players like Dustin Pedroia that decide one team are worth more than more $$$ (although Pedey got a lot of $$$ in the deal as well) are very rare in today's game. In sports in general, as a matter of fact. So, lets root for him this year, but let's try not too cry when he doesn't re-sign with the Red least in public. Ellsbury has been great, but I encourage Red Sox Nation to just keep it in the back of their minds that he might be wearing a different uniform next year. I just hope he proves me wrong. He's been a really valuable lead-off hitter for us since breaking into the bigs in 2007.

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