Dodgers and Sox form an alliance

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer

The Red Sox and Los Angles Dodgers have formed a social media alliance to get Koji Uehara and Yasiel Puig to the All Star game in New York, according to If you go to MLB and vote, then you are entered to win tickets to watch the Dodgers take on the Red Sox at Dodger Stadium, plus an on field experience and a signed ball from each player, the Red Sox said on their official Facebook page.

That sounds great, and it's certainly an added motivation for fans to vote for Uehara and Puig, but they shouldn't need any - at least for Uehara. As for Puig, it's still a matter of debate as to whether he should be eligible to play at Citi Field. I tend to lean towards no, if only because he's only been up for a month and that's not long enough to start talking about "All Star selection" for me. If he had been doing what he's been doing for the whole season, then sure, he would deserve to be in New York. Uehara is a different matter, though. He's been pitching well all season and definitely deserves to be there. So, if you're gonna go do this, do it for Koji because he should go, if the fans should see fit to vote him in. The polls close today at 4:00 sharp, so go vote Koji. Vote on or vote on Twitter using #HighFiveCiti (also #VotePuig if you want to go to California to watch a game). Strike that - just go vote Koji, and tweet me @ConorJF1016 when you do. Kidding, but if you want to share your thoughts on this, you can tweet me or leave a comment.