Fenway Park is adding more security

Scott Levesque
Managing Editor

Fenway Park is undergoing a self-assessment as it prepares and readies itself for a possible terrorist attack. As the city of Boston recovers, stronger than ever, from the horrific bombing attack that occurred during the Boston Marathon, officials at Fenway are taking steps to prevent the chances of a terrorist attack happening at one of America's oldest ballparks.

Fenway will address one of it's weakest points: Gate B and Gate C. The park plans on installing
additional bollards at those gates as an increased
security measure.

Charlie Cellucci, Fenway’s director of security and emergency services, explained why the installation of additional bollards will help prevent a future attack.

“The weapon of choice for terrorists is still … to (take) a vehicle laden with explosives and drive it into a building. That happens quite frequently in other parts of the world. It’s just steps to prevent that at Fenway Park."

The addition of fifty-four security bollards in front of Gates B and C will help to ensure that threats posed against Fenway Park are deterred or stopped altogether.

Fenway undergoes a yearly Department of Homeland Security risk assessment, and while Gates B and C pose the greatest weakness currently, Park officials will continue to examine possible areas of vulnerability.

"We’ll be looking at other vulnerable areas around the perimeter of the ballpark,” Cellucci said.

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