His last mistake

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

It was longer in coming than we expected, but it has happened.

Alfredo Aceves finally pulled one of his quirky antics. Something is afoot according to Pete Abraham.

There was a text message sent to the press on the way home from Oakland, that Alfredo Aceves was outrighted to Triple-A Pawtucket, which means that he was placed on waivers and went unclaimed by 29 other major-league teams. It also means that he is off the 40-man roster.

There is a surprise.

Nobody wants him and we stated at the beginning of the season that he has the ability to help when he focuses on baseball and does not let the ego flair.

I guess he did it again, for the last time.

I am glad to see the Red Sox not letting a repeat of last years problems in the clubhouse take root. It speaks volumes that nobody in the entire MLB wants to claim him, even though the man can pitch.

Will he ever pitch for the Red Sox again?

It does not look like it.

So all that remains to be seen, is what did he do? I am guessing he forgot to put down the toilet seat in the clubhouse locker room, what do you think he did to get dropped from the Red Sox 40-man roster?

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