IT'S OFFICIAL: Dustin Pedroia signs an 8-year, $110 million extension

Picture by Jenny Dell
Managing Editor

It seemed swift and quick, a lot like baseball's justice lately. Only this time we were celebrating a player renown for his character, toughness and ability to play the game correctly. 

Unfortunately, Dustin Pedoria's new 8-year extension with the Boston Red Sox has been overshadowed by a few who seek to undermine the purity of America's pastime. 

Instead of consuming "steroid infused gummy bears" while participating in a "beat the system" PED regiment, Pedroia became the face of a city and the heart beat of a Red Sox team looking to start a new. Now, Pedroia - arguably the greatest Red Sox second baseman - will remain with this team through the 2021 season. 

Here's how the numbers breakdown:

2014: $12.5 M
2015: $12.5 M
2016: $13.0 M
2017: $15.0 M
2018: $16.0 M
2019: $15.0 M
2020: $13.0 M
2021: $12.0 M

The extension totals $110 million over 8 years with some money deferred. That's an average annual salary of $13.75 million a year. 

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