Lighting a candle

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

It has been awhile, a long while, since Red Sox fans have been enthralled by their number one starter Clay Buchholz.

Since the 8th of June he has been out with a 'neck strain', since the 8th of June we have not had our ace.

The impact has been handled well by the rest of the pitching staff, with smoke and mirrors we seem to be pulling of a pretty amazing stunt. No starting ace, no premium closer, and a few other injuries to the staff has not slowed the Red Sox down much.

Wait a minute...

We can not let ourselves be fooled into thinking that we can survive the run for glory in the Fall without these pieces of the team puzzle.

We do need Clay Buchholz back.

We need a 9-0 pitcher who can dazzle opponents and make them look silly over 7+ innings every time he takes the ball. It is confounding and frustrating to continually hear that there is limited progress, that they are being cautious, that there is no timeline for his return.

Even the die hard writers are venting their frustration as we wait for more news.

So we wait, we hope, we fret, we discuss, and some of us even pray for the return of our starting ace.

It seems with the All Star Game on tonight, we have no clarity as to when our prayers will be answered. It is now up to Clay Buchholz himself to determine when he is ready. All the scans, tests, and poking by the medical staff have not turned up anything substantial, so he will determine after each attempted session if he is ready.

Selected for the All Star Game, he is staying home to work and prepare, trying again on Thursday to throw a session with the pitching coach Juan Nieves.

My fingers are crossed... I am gonna light a candle...  what are you going to do?

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