Like a little boy again

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

He must have felt like a little boy again...

Happy to just be enjoying a game of baseball with such amazing high quality players. His reaction after the All Star Game during interviews sure reminded me of a happy little boy, running out onto the field, ready to play a bit of baseball.

Come on, admit it, you smiled a bit too when you saw Dustin Pedroia sprint out onto the field to replace an injured Robinson Cano. He got to play 6 innings, bat twice, and made a few nice plays at second base. The only down side was that he went 0 - 2 at the plate.

Not a bad All Star appearance you might think?

It got better, as he was in the dugout with the Sandman, Mariano Rivera. The MVP of the All Star Game. He got to chat with him a bit too, stating, "It was great just getting a chance to talk to him for a little while.."

How lucky can you be?

Well just a little bit luckier according to Pedroia, "It was really nice not to worry about facing him."

It was a night that little boys dream of.

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