Red Sox ownership: Money not an issue

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If the Boston Red Sox are buyers in the trade market, don't expect spending to be a problem.

Red Sox principal owner John Henry told that money won't be an issue at the July 31 trade deadline.

"I can't see it being an issue," said Henry who was on hand at Angel Stadium of Anaheim Sunday, "I suppose there might be some salaries that we couldn't take on, but it just doesn't come up as an issue."

The Red Sox payroll currently stands at about $154 million, $24 million under the MLB luxury tax. "We don't have issues because we got under the [luxury tax] last year," said Henry. "So we don't have an issue going over."

Dumping a half billion dollars in contracts on the LA Dodgers last season certainly helped.

There are some high-priced players that may be moved as the trade deadline draws near. Think Philadelphia Phillies pitchers Cliff Lee (owed $77.5 million for the next two-and-a-half seasons) and Jonathan Papelbon ($39 million in the next three years).

However, don't expect Henry and Red Sox ownership to just open the checkbook as Ben Cherington explores trade opportunities. Henry said, "I'll tell you what, do you really want to change this team that much? [This season] reminds you a little bit of past teams. It's a different vibe than any other team. I think it's obvious that the fans like this year's team."

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