The Buchholz Watch: Day 49

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The Buchholz watch has now entered day 49. Friday, Buchholz threw 40 "pitches". In the outfield.

Clay Buchholz, it’s time to shut up and pitch.

Buchholz hasn’t made a start since June 8 and has vowed he will not to pitch until he feels 100 percent healthy.

Tuesday, Buchholz suggested he may not be ready until September, "It's just going to be a timetable for me that's not going to be a timetable. Because I don't have an exact time for it."

Huh? Is there a timetable? Can you pitch in August? Maybe September? How about 2015 for the Marlins?

By the time Buchholz makes it back to the mound in a real game, he will have missed approximately half the season.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Rays have taken over first place.

Monday, the Red Sox shipped Buchholz off to Florida to meet with Dr. James Andrews. Usually seeing Andrews is the equivalent to a visit from Dr. Kevorkian. However, even Dr. Death said things checked out fine.

“What Dr. Andrews relayed to him is that he’s going to feel some discomfort just by virtue of getting back in pitching shape. But the root of it is not because of an injury,” Sox manager John Farrell said. “The discomfort he’s feeling is not injury-related. I would think there would be more readiness on his part to push through that.”

Readiness to push through that. Interesting choice of words from the manager. Loosely translated, “Buchholz needs to suck it up and pitch.”

To really put things in perspective, think of this. Recent $100 million dollar man Dustin Pedroia has played the entire season with a torn ligament in his thumb. Pedroia’s missed one game. Clay Buchholz slept funny with his infant daughter in late May and has played one game.

With the Red Sox in the middle of a pennant race it’s readily apparent who can be counted on and who can’t be.

The doctors say he’s fine, the manager wants him on the mound, the fans are getting restless and the playoffs are slipping away. Clay Buchholz, it’s time to decide. Are you an ace or an ass?

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