Tito talks Pedroia, takes friendly jab at second baseman

Dustin Pedroia will get to dirty up many more
Red Sox uniforms with his eight-year deal.
(Photo courtesy of Boston.com)

Ben Whitehead
Contributing Writer

During Terry Francona’s time as manager of the Boston Red Sox, it was no secret that he and Dustin Pedroia had built more than just a manager-player relationship. From playing cribbage on flights and before games to the constant battering each took at the hand of the other in a joking manner, Tito and Pedy were quite the duo.

It was announced today that Pedroia and the Red Sox agreed upon and signed a new contract extension – eight years, $110 million. Pedroia mentioned that Boston is a "place that is special to me" and that he wanted to finish his career here:

"I love putting on the Red Sox uniform everyday. I'm a pretty loyal guy. I love being here. I live and die by this team. It’s important to me to be here my whole time."

Now that Pedroia has signed his extension, his former manager and current Indians manager Francona had nothing but praise for his buddy. He spoke on MLB Network Radio Tuesday and offered his two cents, of course getting another shot in at Pedroia:

“I sent him a text earlier. I said, ‘Congratulations and I said hope you failed the physical,’ ” Francona laughed. “He’s so much of what is good in our game and because I was his manager I got a chance to be around him a lot. He’s one of the more special people in my life. Good for the Red Sox. He’s the type of guy you want to build your franchise around and he was rewarded for it. And I guarantee you the day he signs that deal he will play harder, if anything. Again, that’s the kind of guy you give money to and you don’t even think twice about it.”

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