To trade or not to trade

Sean Riley
Contributing Writer

As the Boston Red Sox approach the trade deadline there are only a few questions surfacing on what moves they should/shouldn't do. First, do the Sox need to go out and trade for an Ace starter. Simple answer is no, to make a play for an ace like Cliff Lee or Matt Garza you'd have to give up an elite prospect. An as Boston is continuing to rebuild this team after offloading most of their big guns to the Dodgers, getting rid of top players in their farm league is not the best route. I believe they do need a starter but not an ace as they have a group of starters who have been getting the job done. Look for the Sox to go after a guy like James Shields now with Kansas City who they are very familiar with or even Bud Norris from Houston though his asking price could be higher.

Let's stay with pitching an move to the bullpen. I believe this is where Boston really needs to focus in and get a steady arm to help boost their pen. Do the Sox need to get a stud closer? No, not necessarily. Koji Uehara has looked good in the closer spot but he is not a closer an should not remain in that spot. Andrew Bailey WILL come around and regain his role as Boston's closer but I'm not sure how many more blown saves they will allow him before he loses that for good. Luckily management has a few more weeks of evaluating their own guys before having to make that decision. If Bailey comes back an gets it going I don't see Boston trading for a closer, but a lot can change in a few weeks.

All this trade talk and nothing about a bat? Like I said to start there are only a few questions going into this trade deadline for the Sox. 2/3 of that is pitching, there's not much to complain about when you team's in first place an just hit the 50 win mark before July 1st for the first time in years. However, yes the Red Sox do need a bat, but not an everyday bat unless somehow they get blown away by an offer. The left side of their infield is by far the weakest, with really no 3rd baseman and Stephen Drew banged up again Boston will look to strengthen that area. Michael Young has been thrown around a lot over the past week as the Phillie's will be talking to several potential suitors for the veteran third baseman. Young is at the end of what was a large contract with Philadelphia and will be a highly sought out player at the deadline. Teams always look to improve their corner infielders year in an year out so depending on the market will see what Boston is willing to part with for Young.

With only a few holes to fill at the deadline we also have to remember that Clay Buchholz will be back who was an still should be considered an ace. Also Will Middlebrooks as of late has found his swing and power down in Triple A Pawtucket and more than likely will be returning to the big club. One of Boston's top prospects Xander Bogaerts hasn't stopped hitting since being promoted to Pawtucket an would be a likely candidate to be called up if Jose Iglesias or Stephen Drew were to go down/stop hitting. Yes the Sox need to make a move but they always have options within their organization.