A day off reality show, behind the scenes

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

The series started with the three Red Sox players taking in a game a the Blue Jays park on a day off.

Now we get to take a peek backstage and find out what happened to get them to the park and maybe answer some of the questions we had after seeing the trio sitting in the second row. The trio was out to just enjoy a game, but being the stars they are it is not always that easy.

It seems they went to great pains to make this the normal baseball experience, just like a fan experiences a day at the park. Well, except for the normal fan not being able to score second row behind home plate, but you get the idea.

As you can imagine, last minute tickets to the Blue Jays might have been a problem, but with their record right now I doubt it. They could have sat all over the park as three were plenty of open seats. Luckily Jonny Gomes has played for the Athletics, the Blue Jays opponents that day, so he must have used his connections to come up with the prime real estate two rows back and just behind the plate.

We will let that slide, as not many of us can manage that on short notice, let alone pay for those seats. A quick search on a local auction site has seats in the section the trio were sitting, admittedly not second row but 8-10 rows back for $197 - $230 a seat.

Jonny Gomes was going to use his connections to get the trio into the park via a side entrance, but Jarrod Saltalamacchia having only previously been to one game as a spectator wanted to have the full experience of entering the gates as mortal fans. They got their tickets scanned and bags checked without further incident.

I wonder if the gate keepers even realized who these guys were?

Still no word on what they bought to take home from this experience. R.A. Dickey jersey maybe?

Good fun
The players on the field noticed that they were sitting in the second row and were joking with them from the on-deck circle. I guess that is a bit out of the ordinary for the normal fan, but maybe this happens to you all the time if you are blessed with seats two rows up from the on-deck circle?

The fans pretty much left them alone it seems, though Twitter exploded as they were seen by viewer watching TV from home or the local sports bar. They did notice that Geddy Lee, lead singer for the band Rush was sitting a few seats away. He is a fanatical Blue Jays fans and was so intense on scoring the game that Jarrod Saltalamacchia did not want to disturb him.

I guess lead singers get a day off too?

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