A day off reality show

J. Gomes, J. Saltalamacchia, and D. Pedroia
Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

I turn on the TV yesterday to watch a game.

I know the Red Sox are not playing, but I love baseball so I was going to watch some other team.

It happens.

Anything but the Yankees would do just nicely I am thinking as I zap through the games available and wait a minute...

What is this? Sitting two rows deep just off the line of home plate are none other than Jonny Gomes, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Dustin Pedroia as seen from left to right in the provided images. They are in Toronto on a day off before starting a series against the Blue Jays, so what do you do?
Good seats to catch a ballgame.
You catch an afternoon ballgame of course!

So each pitch we get to watch what they are doing. Paying attention mostly, while I would be getting dogs and beers to enjoy during the game, these guys are studying the pitcher, pointing and laughing at various jokes they are telling each other.

Jonny Gomes is pretty busy with eating his seeds. The other two are just chatting and enjoying watching a few nice long balls sail out of the park.

Then in the fourth inning after the Oakland pitcher strikes out the last hitter we catch a glimpse of the rest of the row.

What would you do if these three gentlemen sat next to you at a ballgame?

Guys next to Red Sox players Twitters like crazy!
Pretty much what the guy does sitting next to Jonny Gomes is doing, Twittering as fast as his sore thumbs will type, bet he dropped the phone a few times too. This guys neighbor is doing the exact same thing, but who can blame him.

What a bonus for shelling out the big bucks for the front row seating, a visit by three MLB'ers next to you.

Looking closer I am not sure the two little guys in the front row are even aware of the stardom that is sitting just behind them. Imagine you get home and find out by watching the highlights of the game that you missed a chance to have a casual chat with any of these three players?

Maybe you have to be a Red Sox fan?

Finally, all of a sudden, in the seventh inning, they are gone out of their seats. I wonder what they went to do or get.

Where did they go?
Did they go for dogs and beers?

Did someone need to hit the little boys room?

Did they decide the game was not so exciting and head out to catch a movie?

Did Jonny Gomes get too hungry and the seeds run out so they needed to head out for some chow?

Did they decide to go buy a Blue Jays cap or shirt? Which player would they choose? I bet Jarrod Saltalamacchia would want R.A. Dickey's shirt.

The older gentleman in the hat that was sitting next to Dustin Pedroia looks sad... who can blame him, his best moment sitting there with three of the Red Sox players is over.

He is putting on a brave face, but I know he is crying inside.

I was rather fascinated and think it is about time we get a reality show worth watching. Let NESN put someone on these three guys, follow them around for a few months filming their off days and bringing us the answers to all of our questions.

I would watch, how about you?

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