A-Rod: A Royal Fraud

The Guru
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Bud Selig’s MLB minions have methodically dropped the guillotine on the neck of Alex Rodriguez. By handing down a 211 game suspension, Selig has finally dethroned the prince of PED’s, the king of the Steroid Era. Where’s your crown, Queen A-Fraud?

The unfortunate part is Rodriguez doesn’t realize he’s been exiled. His pinstripes are the emperor's new clothes.

The royal fraud vows not go down without a fight. He announced yesterday that he will appeal, so he can continue doing what he does best -- cheating the game, his team and its fans.

The other 12 players of the Biogenesis bunch agreed to serve their 50-game punishments. They meekly slinked off. Another big name on Bud's baseball hit list, Ryan Braun, accepted his 65-game ban and hasn’t been heard from since. Just as it should be. Away with you.

But not the titan of testosterone, he went 1-4 last night to a chorus of boos in Chicago. Boo as much as you want fandom, this farce will continue.

And farce is the right word.

Rodriguez is just 13 home runs away from tying Willie Mays for fourth place on the all-time home run list. When he passes Mays' mark, which very well could happen before this appeal process is over, the sultan of stain will collect a cool $6 million booty. It’s in his contract. The one that will pay him $89 million through 2017.

Some say this a "sad day" for baseball. Some say he’s a "scapegoat" for Selig. Others have called for "due process" before we condemn the cheat. Rodriguez says he’s “fighting for [his] life."

It’s not life or death, princess. It’s baseball. And you cheated. You’re banished. Grab your crown, your tarnished reputation, your quarter billion and just go back to your shattered kingdom.

Four years ago A-Fraud said, “Baseball is bigger than Alex Rodriguez.” It’s the only true thing he may have ever said.

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