Big Papi sounds off on "positive" test

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In 2003, Major League Baseball conducted an "anonymous" survey test in hopes of gauging the extent of performance enhancing drug use in baseball. 100 MLB players tested positive.

Among those who tested positive (although not revealed until 2009) was David Ortiz. Four years after the results were revealed, Ortiz says he still has no clue how he ended up on that list.

Speaking to's Rob Bradford before Tuesday's game, Ortiz said he's never been able to learn the details of that failed test or what he tested positive for.

It' no surprise Ortiz is still ticked off.
"No. Nobody. Not MLB. Not the Players Association. Nobody. They just threw it out there that I tested positive on this one list and that was it. Nothing. So I have to deal with that, and your mind is all over the place. And I’ve lived with it. It is something that is still in the dark because nobody ever had the balls to come to me and say, ‘This is what was happening.’ You damaged my image at the time, and it has always stayed like that. No explanation. No nothing.”

It's interesting that Ortiz would choose now as the time to finally speak out on his "failed" test. Monday, MLB dropped the hammer and suspended 13 major leaguer's for their connections to the Biogenesis PED "factory" in Miami. Alex Rodriguez is currently appealing his 211 game suspension.

As for Big Papi, if he's still frustrated, he's taking it out on the opposing pitchers (and the occasional phone). Ortiz has 21 home runs, 73 RBI and is hitting .326 on the year, third best in the American League.

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