Buchholz Watch: Day 81 - Clay 'likely', 'possibly' set to return

The Guru
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As the Buchholz watch extends into September, could there actually be light at the end of this tunnel?

Before Tuesday's game, Red Sox manager John Farrell announced that Buchholz will next pitch on Friday for either Double-A Portland or Triple-A Pawtucket. It's expected Buchholz will throw approximately 55 pitches. If everything goes well, Farrell expects Buchholz will likely make one more rehab appearance after Friday then possibly rejoin the Red Sox rotation.

"Likely"? "Possibly"? When it comes to Buchholz and his bursa sac that's something I suppose.

Farrell told WEEI.com, “I still go back to it being almost three months since he’s been in a major league game. The need for a third minor league appearance is probably more realistic at this point.”

"Realistic"? Riddle me this Red Sox Lifer's, what's more likely to occur this season: Clay Buchholz returns to the mound or the Sharknado hits Beantown?

If Cautious Clay makes two more rehab starts and if my abacus is correct, that would put Clay on track to pitch Sept. 10 against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays trail the Sox in the AL East by 2 1/2 games.

*UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT* That's going to be a big game.

I'm putting my money on the Sharknado.

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