Game 132: Red Sox vs. Dodgers - Will Carl eat his words? We hope so!

Managing Editor

Well what do you know. It looks like Jon Lester has decided to awaken from his slumber and show Red Sox fans why he's still the "Ace" on this team. 

Once again, Lester pitched a gem when the Red Sox needed him the most, leading the Sox to a 4-2 win over the hottest team in the ML, the Dodgers.

Now Farrell turns to the team's key acquisition - Jake Peavy - to help the keep the Dodgers' offense at bay and pull out a victory to win the series. 

Here's the lineup for the Red Sox this afternoon (first pitch - 8:00 pm EDT)

1. Ellsbury CF
2. Victorino RF
3. Pedroia 2B
4. Napoli 1B
5. Gomes LF
6. Middlebrooks 3B
7. Saltalamacchia C
8. Bogaerts SS
9. Peavy SP

Bogaerts Second Chance: Bogaerts got his first major league hit in game two of this series against the Dodgers. With that hurdle over, he must now focus on developing as a major league hitter. Look for Bogaerts to be focused and ready to prove his worth to Farrell and company. 

Come Alive: Can the Red Sox bats score early and often? As we've seen throught the year it's an all or nothing type of threat the Sox pose to their opponent. They'll need to continue to press offensively if leaving LA with a series win is apart of their departing plans.  

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