Is the beard back? Napoli goes deep in loss

The Guru
Contributing Writer

Has Mike Napoli broken out of his slump? Let's hope so. The Red Sox need his bat.

Napoli cracked a two-run homer to right field with two outs in the ninth inning to tie last night's game against Toronto. Unfortunately, the Sox lost it in the bottom of the 10th inning 4-3.

But the good news was perhaps the Napoli of old is coming out of his 2-month slumber. After the game Napoli said, "I'm always trying to drive the ball. I'm not trying to hit a single. You've see me swing."

Following the homerun, the Sox found another unique way to celebrate. The headbutt and the beard fluff.

For all Napoli's struggles lately, he has been able to maintain his confidence. "It's what we do," Napoli said. "You can't get too high, you can't get too low. You've got to stay at that even line. It felt good to hit that tonight, it definitely did."

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