Josh Beckett on Red Sox: 'I'm glad it's over'

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The Boston Red Sox start a three-game series with the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight at Chavez Ravine. It’s interesting the baseball gods chose this date for a little interleague love. It was one year ago this week the Sox and Dodgers consummated the biggest trade in baseball history.

Over the past few days, the former Red Sox players that were shipped out of town have been talking about their time spent in Boston. While Adrian Gonzalez and Nick Punto were mostly positive, Carl Crawford took the chance to take a swipe at his former team saying his time in Boston was a “bad experience.”

Now the west coast whiners are at it again. Former Sox pitcher, perennial disabled list inhabiter and chicken and beer connoisseur, Josh Beckett, spoke with WEEI’s Rob Bradford on life in Red Sox Nation:

“It just got way too personal for me. It wasn’t just like, ‘Hey, you suck on the baseball field.’ It was now, ‘Hey, you’re a bad person.’ It was getting personal. It wasn’t even about baseball anymore. It was definitely time to make a change.”

Beckett became the face of the 2011 collapse and the tortuous 2012 season and knew it:

“Once that stuff starts going down that road it doesn’t stop. It picks up steam. We’ve seen it before. David [Ortiz] has probably seen it more than anybody. It doesn’t stop. It just picks up steam and snowballs. That’s how it is. It’s just the way it is there. I think it almost ended up being like a pity party in the clubhouse. Nobody wants to hear [expletive] like that.”

Of course Beckett won’t be playing in the series. He’s out after experiencing numbness in his throwing hand and undergoing surgery. Becket has not pitched since May.

Beckett did say, “I'm happy that I got a chance to [play in Boston], but I'm glad it's over."

So are we, Josh. So are we.

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