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Sam Galanis
Contributing Writer

Every week, statistician Chuck Waseleski gives his “obscure but telling facts” about the Red Sox to the Boston Globe. This week, we’re giving them to you with our own analysis for each one.

The Red Sox are 40-13 when Jacoby Ellsbury scores a run.

What that means for the Sox:
Let’s hope that Sox management can get Ellsbury to stay past this season. He has definitely been a key part of the Sox’s success thus far, and as long as he stays healthy, they could use numbers like those in future seasons.

Red Sox pitchers have allowed 34 home runs on the first pitch to batters.

What that means for the Sox:
This one should have an asterisk next to it because it also needs to be mentioned that Sox pitching has given up 120 total home runs this season. The 34 first-pitch home runs are a ridiculous subset of an already ridiculous statistic. So the Sox have given up the sixth most home runs of any team, and 28-percent of those have been on the first pitch. Ouch.
Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images

Opponents are batting .080 against Junichi Tazawa with two or more runners on base.

What that means for the Sox:
This one’s a little obvious. They should never bring in anyone else when they need relief with two or more runners on base. Period.

29 of 64
29 of the 64 RBIs Jon Lester has allowed have come with two outs.

What that means for the Sox:
It has been said time and time again. Jon Lester is constantly getting himself stuck in pressure situations that he can’t overcome. You can see in his body language that he tenses up after those first two outs. Sometimes, his teammates are there to help him in the field, and other times, all hell breaks loose. I’m no pitching coach, but I’d say Lester needs to work on that third out.

.381, .184
Mike Carp is batting .381 coming off the bench, .184 as a starter.

What that means for the Sox:
Sorry, Mike Carp, but it looks like you should never start any games. Like Jonny Gomes, Carp has been extremely helpful to the team in the later innings when they need more offense. But don’t worry, Carp. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate you.

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