RSL Poll: Should MLB suspend Dempter?

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Sunday night Red Sox starter Ryan Dempster took it upon himself to protect the integrity of the game and deal some vigilante justice. After clearly and repeatedly throwing at Alex Rodriguez, Dempster planted one into the suspended but still playing fraud.

Good or bad, agree or disagree, Major League Baseball probably has no choice but to suspend Dempster. If they don’t, every pitcher in baseball gets a free pass to take aim at public enemy number one.

If Dempster does not get suspended for the beanball heard 'round the world that will just add fuel to A-Rod’s “Baseball's Out to Get Me” fire.

When asked if Dempster should be suspended Rodriguez had an interesting answer.

MLB said Monday the incident was under review.

Red Sox manager John Farrell said, “I don’t expect them to do anything. Certainly they’re going to review it and deem what’s necessary."

Dempster is scheduled to start Saturday against the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

If Dempster is suspended by MLB perhaps they can hear his appeal along with A-Rod's in November.

What say you Red Sox Lifer's?

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