The Buchholz Watch: Day 62

The Guru
Contributing Writer

Red Sox right-handed pitcher Clay Buchholz took another baby step Thursday. Cautious Clay played catch.

Hurray! That's twice this week. Look, we baked him a cake. That's very nice of you Voice of Red Sox Nation, but don't get too excited just yet. I've been writing this watch for two months now.

Manager John Farrell said, "He threw off flat ground and aggressively from 90 feet. It's probably the most aggressive he has been. [Friday] he'll be back on the mound. So, he is making steady progress."

See, progress. Aggressive is good right? I suppose it is, Nation. The words "Clay Buchholz" and "aggressive" have not been used together since at least June 8 when Clay tried to cover first, but fell on his bursa sac. That's not very funny. Sorry, but I just call it like I see it.

After Tuesday's bullpen session Buchholz said, "I’m not really sure how long it’s going to take, but I’m on my way.”

See, he's on his way. I'm putting on my Clay jersey. Nation, calm down. Any news seems like good news these days. Especially with Jon Lester and Ryan Dempster struggling. A return of a healthy Clay Buchholz would give this rotation a much needed shot in the arm.

Hey, don't say "shot" and "arm" in the same sentence! You want Clay to hear you? Apologies Voice of Red Sox Nation. Why don't you just wake me when Buchholz pitches in a game again, ok?

Guru, wake up. Clay's pitching today. *wakes up in 2018* Cool, we have flying cars now.

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