The little things

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Sometimes it is not about baseball.

It is about the little things, the things that remind us what is important in life.

Not the roar of the crowd.

Not the big money.

For Daniel Nava and his wife Rachel Nava it is about family, about the first time they gazed into the eyes of their first child, about the first time their little girl wraps her little hand around their finger.

Their daughter was born early Monday, after he was sent home on paternity leave. Twitter erupted soon thereafter with congratulations for their healthy baby girl.

Now it is time for Daniel Nava to start earning his Daddy prize. I think he is on the right track.

He is scheduled to rejoin the team in Kansas City for the series there against the Royals this Thursday. In the mean time you can follow this story via the hashtag #FaithEvyNava.

Some fans already are putting in requests, do you have one for them?

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