Buchholz Watch: Day 90 - Clay 'absolutely' ready

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Clay Buchholz made what is expected to be his final, last, this time we mean it minor league rehab start Thursday night.

Pitching for Triple-A Pawtucket in Rochester, Cautious Clay went three shutout innings before allowing a pair of runs in the fourth inning.

Buchholz threw 72 pitches (51 for strikes) in 3 2/3 innings of work, gave up four hits, two earned runs, two walks and five strikeouts.

Asked after the game if he's ready to return from the shoulder injury that's kept him out three months, Buchholz said,
"Absolutely. I know that if I go out there and I’m not me then I’m not helping the team win. I feel like I’m past that now, and these last two outings have sort of proven that.”

Buchholz, who went 9-0 with a 1.71 ERA in 12 starts, is expected to rejoin Boston's rotation next week during a three-game road series against the Rays.

Does Clay know there's a pennant race going on?

Manager John Farrell confirmed Thursday that someone will be the odd man out in order to make room for Buchholz in the rotation, but he wasn't ready to make an announcement.

By "someone" Farrell means Ryan "Dump me" Dempster. Farrell said,
"We've not met internally to say who that's going to be removed from the rotation nor have we met with the individual it would affect."

After 90 days, 254 updates and 3224 late night web searches of "bursa sac", it would appear our all-meant-in-good-fun "Buchholz Watch" has finally come to a merciful conclusion.

Now win, Clay. Win.

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