Get Well Soon - Ellsbury & Victorino

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Last night the Boston Red Sox clinched a playoff berth, so we start to look around the clubhouse and size up the postseason roster.


We have a few holes maybe?

Jacoby Ellsbury went down some time ago after fouling a ball off his foot and breaking a bone in there. He seems confident he will be back in time for the post season. Let us hope so, we can really use our leadoff man and main speedster on the base paths.

Wednesday night Shane Victorino was replaced in the 12th inning by a pinch hitter as he had jammed his right thumb. He has been on and off the field due to injuries related to twisting his back, straining this, bruising that, or just running into walls at full speed. This time it is his thumb, which he had been struggling with earlier in the year.

Kind of reminds you of someone else in the lineup who tears a ligament in his thumb and misses... no games at all.

It seems the Red Sox have put Victorino as 'day to day' and with the playoffs clinched there is no reason not to ensure that he does not get some time to heal it up once and for all. Jackie Bradley Jr can use the playing time to ripen in the outfield and a few others will put the time to good use as we wait for Victorino to return.

No worries Red Sox Nation, it looks like the lineup is going to be as ready as it can be for the postseason run.

Now how about we start with a division title?

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