Nava inspires Bogaerts

Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer

According to Full Count, the unlikely rise of Daniel Nava to major league stardom inspired another rising star: Xander Bogaerts. Daniel Nava has been a big factor in the Red Sox success lately, lighting up the Yankees and hitting .306 while setting career highs in home runs (11), doubles (28) and RBI's (63), according to Full count. Bogaerts says he talks to Nava a lot, especially on patience.

“I talk to Nava a lot. I like Nava, man,” said Bogaerts. “I don’t understand how he’s so patient. So I always ask him about that. He always looks for the pitch to drive.”

Nava takes a lot of pitches, hence a .392 On Base Percentage in 493 plate appearances, according to Full Count. In 5 minor league season, Nava has never had an OBP lower than .372 and hit .400 3 times and Xander is trying to emulate that part of his game. Nava has said to Xander to go with whatever is comfortable for him, as that is what got him into the majors.

Here's what Nava had to say on the subject, according to Full Count.

“[Bogaerts and I have] talked about approach and stuff. I’m very aware that my approach is not an approach that everyone else has, it’s just what I’m comfortable with,” Nava said. “I try to just encourage him and say, ‘Hey man, whatever you’re comfortable with, you want to go do that because it’s obviously gotten you to the big leagues at 20 [years old], so keep doing that.’ It just so happens that our approach is similar, so we just kind of shared what our approach was. It wasn’t me trying to tell him what to do, but it was more, ‘This is what I like to do, what do you do?’ and just bouncing ideas off each other.”

Sound advice for the young phenom. The enthusiasm and willingness to learn displayed by Bogaerts will only help him in his playing career. Hopefully, he'll use his conversations with Nava and other players on the team to become a superstar, and hopefully he'll be with the Red Sox for years and years to come. This shows that he is humble and doesn't act like he's the greatest thing to happen to baseball since it was invented (sound like any other young breakout stars?), and that's a good sign that he will indeed do well and that there are bright things in his future.

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