RSL Poll: Who gets the credit for 2013 success?

The Guru
Contributing Writer

As the Red Sox remarkable season winds down and the playoff talk begins, let's take a moment to deal out some credit.

General manager Ben Cherington spent wisely and was able to put together a team capable of ignoring the chicken and beer and concentrate on winning.

Manager John Farrell proved the man for the job and a worthy successor to his former boss, Terry Francona. Will the student meet the teacher in the playoffs?

This TEAM of players grew the beards, built walk-off city, kept Boston strong through some trying times and returned the Red Sox to the top of the American League.

And we all know, somewhere in the bowels of Sacred Heart University, Bobby Valentine is figuring out a way to take some credit for this amazing season.

So often we Red Sox fans are quick to lay the blame, so why not all hold hands, don our Yaz jersey's, sing "Tessie" and give the Sox their kudos.

What say you, Red Sox Lifers?

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