RSL Poll: Who Starts Game 1?

The Guru
Contributing Writer

We don't think we're making a prediction of Carnac proportions here when we say the Red Sox are going to the playoffs.

One year removed from a 69 win disaster, the Sox are in position to win 100 games and the magic number to win the American League East is just four games.

With that being said, join The Guru in his hot tub time machine as we travel to a cool October 4 night at Fenway Park for game one of the AL Divisional Series. Who takes the hill for the Sox?

Do the Red Sox turn to a rejuvenated Jon Lester? Does the transformed John Lackey take the bump? Or do the Sox roll the dice on the recently resurrected Clay Buchholz?

Only one starter will throw twice in the five game series. Who's it going to be Red Sox Lifer's?

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