Top 5 Red Sox moments of 2013

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From the outhouse to the penthouse, the 2013 Boston Red Sox season was a magical one filled with many memorable moments. There have been walk-offs, f-bombs, injury watches, high fives, bull frogs, broken phones and a whole lot of beards.

As the Red Sox prepare to make a World Series run, let's take a look back at the top 5 moments from 2013.

5. The Memorial Day Miracle: Heading into the bottom of the ninth inning the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, the Red Sox were trailing 5-2 to former manager Terry Francona and the Cleveland Indians. Things did not look good. However, Jacoby Ellsbury, who had been hitting just .250 at the time, stepped to the plate and hit a two-run walk-off double. Miracle complete and a sign of things to come.

4. The Fenway Punt: The Red Sox built "walk-off city" this season with 11 wins in their last at-bat. While we can't list them all, Jonny Gomes June 18 walk-off home run against the Tampa Bay Rays kind of sums it all up. As Gomes rounded third, the outfielder was so psyched, he took off his helmet and punted it into the air in celebration. After the game, he called it “The Fenway Punt.” The hit and the celebration personified what this years team was all about - winning is fun.

3.Worst to first: One year removed from a 69 win season, the Red Sox clinched the American League East on Sept. 20 with a 6-3 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. It’s the Red Sox first AL East title since 2007. It may not have been the most exciting win, but there was none bigger. Yet.

2. Boston, this is for you: Daniel Nava etched his name in Red Sox lore during an emotional day at Fenway Park. In the team's first home game since the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon, the Red Sox outfielder hit a go-ahead three-run homer in the bottom of the eighth inning. "Boston, this is for you," NESN announcer Don Orsillo said as the ball made its way over the right-field fence.

1. This is our f---ing city: The most memorable moment of this Red Sox season happened before the game even started. April 20, less than a week after the Boston Marathon Bombings, the Red Sox made an emotional return to Fenway Park. The Sox won that game 4-3, but it was David Ortiz's moving pregame speech, in which he dropped a legendary expletive in support of his beloved, adopted hometown, that defined the season.

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