Uehara streaking - another step on the ladder

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

The saga continues.

Last night against the Rays he notched his 19th save by completing a four out appearance, retiring the Rays in order with 2 strikeouts, a fly ball, and a ground out.

Just like that, game over.

He also extended his scoreless inning streak (not allowing a run) to 28 1/3 innings, moving him up the all time scoreless innings list. He has only Dick Radatz above him on the list now.

Boston Red Sox consecutive scoreless innings leaders
  1. Dick Radatz - 33 1/3 innings (1963)
  2. Koji Uehara - 28 1/3 innings (ongoing)
  3. Bob Stanley - 28 innings (1980)
  4. Daniel Bard - 26 1/3 innings (2011)
  5. Jonathan Pappelbon - 22 innings (2011)

It has been an amazing run where he has faced 90 hitters, given up only 6 hits, walked just one, and has struck out 38. Opponents are hitting for .067 and their on base percentage is .078 which has got to make you think about trying to bunt for a hit in the 9th as being a serious option.

Uehara has now retired the last 31 batters he's faced. That ties fellow Japanese pitcher Hideo Nomo for the club record set in 2001. This total adds up to 10 1/3 innings, which is over a perfect game. It is spread out over 3 weeks, but it is still a perfect game as far as catcher Saltalamacchia is concerned.

"He owes me and Rossie (backup catcher David Ross) a Rolex," Saltalamacchia said. "A complete-game no-hitter, he's almost working on two no-hitters. He's amazing. At some point, he's got to get us something. I've been on him for two weeks now. We told him tomorrow we've got to have something."

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