Uehara streaking into the record books

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Like a machine.

Thursday night against the Yankees he closed out the 9th inning for his 18th save of the year. He did that in style, sitting down two of the three hitters faced.

On Friday night he closed out the 9th inning, not for a save, but the results were the same. Three batters faces, two strikeouts, and put it in the win column.

He also extended his scoreless inning streak (not allowing a run) to 27 innings, moving him up the all time scoreless innings list. He is just one inning away from matching Bob Stanley in the number two spot on the list.

Boston Red Sox consecutive scoreless innings leaders
  1. Dick Radatz - 33 1/3 innings (1963)
  2. Bob Stanley - 28 innings (1980)
  3. Koji Uehara - 27 innings (ongoing)
  4. Daniel Bard - 26 1/3 innings (2011)
  5. Jonathan Pappelbon - 22 innings (2011)

It has been an amazing run, 27 innings pitched, faced 86 hitters, given up only 6 hits, walked just one, and has struck out 36. Opponents are hitting for .071 and their on base percentage is .081 with Koji Uehara staring down at them from the mound.

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