What is Fair to Expect in the Playoffs

Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer
Twitter - @ConorJF1016

I think it's fair to say the Red Sox exceeded all expectations by clinching the AL East on Friday. At the start of the season, there were almost no playoff expectations for the Red Sox, and now that they've clinched the division in such a descisve maner, the question "Would an ALDS loss be a disappointment?" CSNNE debated how far it is fair to expect the 2013 Red Sox to go, with Sean McAdam saying that whatever they do in the postseason is a bonus and Bob Neumeier and Globe reporter Dan Shaugnessy saying they should at least make it out of the ALDS.

While the Red Sox have certainly exceeded my expectations (I thought they'd finish third or fourth), winning the division the way they have has created new and higher expectations for me. Now, I'd be disappointed with anything less then an ALCS appearance. I do think this team has the talent to beat anyone in the majors over the course of a 5 or 7 game series, and I would not be surprised if this team was the team to come out of the AL in the World Series. They definitely could do it because they are a complete team when healthy from their starting rotation to their starting line up. Another thing they have going for them is the chemistry. The power of the beards has carried them to the top of what everyone thought would be a tough division, and it was until the Sox broke it open in the last few weeks. They have all the requirements of a championship caliber team, but assuming they get to the ALCS, they'll have a tough match up in either the Oakland Athletics or the Detroit Tigers. I do think they can beat both teams in a 7 game series, but it will most likely go 6 or 7 games.

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