Why do the Red Sox need homefield?

Photo Courtesy of ESPN
Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer

According to ESPN, the Red Sox are a game ahead of the Oakland Athletics for the American League's best record. Keep an eye on that, because whoever gets the AL's best record gets home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Remember - the AL won the All Star Game, so they'll have home field in the World Series. So, why is home field advantage important for the Sox? Well, remember the article I wrote about a week ago about how great the Fenway Faithful are? Well, go check that out. I'll quickly recap that, because that is extremely relevant here, and it basically goes a long way to explaining why they Sox need home field. Long story short, the fans in Boston are the best fans in the MLB and they provide an electric atomsphere, especially come playoff time.

There you go, boys and girls. That's why the Red Sox need home field advantage. They need to play in front of the Fenway Faithful AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And getting home field THROUGHOUT THE PLAYOFFS is how you do that. If you do that, your path to a third World Series is a little easier (although not too much), and if the Sox want home field advantage they can't take their foot off the gas. They may have last night, but they have to put their foot back on the gas tonight against the Colorado Rockies and the Baltimore Orioles next week because the Athletics also want to secure home field as well. And the Detroit Tigers are in the hunt as well. So the Sox can't let up.

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