Xander Bogaerts Accomplishes Yet Another First - With a Bang

Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer
Twitter - @ConorJF1016

Xander Bogaerts accomplished another first today with a bang - he hit his first home run, and it was a bomb over the visiting bullpen. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but by hitting it against the New York Yankees, he cemented his place in the hearts and minds of Red Sox Nation. It also turned out to be quite important, as the Yankees would fight back late to make the score 12-9 in the 8th before the bullpen and Mike Napoli's second home run shut the door for good and ensured a 30th series win for the Red Sox.

Aside from the fact that the home run was one even the best power hitters would have been proud of, hitting the first home run probably means there will be more to follow. Reaching a milestone is tough, but once you reach it, the rest seem easier Now that XB has one, there will surely be more to follow. This kid is clearly going to be a huge factor going forward, both this season and beyond. So, enjoy it tonight, Xander, because Red Sox Nation will surely expect a lot more.

Watch it here.