A-Rod's lawyer nearly comes to blows with Bosch's lawyer

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

With the Red Sox in the playoffs, it's hard to remember a certain Yankee third baseman is in court right now. In an interesting twist, Alex Rodriguez's lawyer, Joe Tacopina (pitcured left) nearly came to blows with Anthony Bosch's lawyer, Julio Ayala, a couple of weeks ago. according to Yahoo Sports via the Daily News. What caused it? According to Yahoo Sports, Tacopina was frustrated that Anthony Bosch's testimony was taking up the majority of the first 3 days of the hearing. According to Yahoo Sports, A-Rod's lawyer asked how long they planned on Bosch testifying and said that Bosch would be going to jail by the end of October and Ayala said he wouldn't be going alone. One thing led to another and all of a sudden Tacopina was being restrained by other attorneys.

This is all just really entertaining at this point and completely irrelevant as well. I personally just find this hilarious because A-Rod's career is shot at this point and the fact that he thinks there is something left that he can save is really amusing. His reputation and career are both shot at this point. At the same time, though, I just wish this would go away because A-Rod's career and reputation are gone and he has less than zero credibility. So I'm torn. It's fun to watch him try and defend himself, but I do wish he would just give up. But for now, the Red Sox are in the playoffs so that's way more important.

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