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Despite taking a nice, long rest during the season, it appears Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz may not be ready to go in the World Series. Buchholz was originally scheduled to start Game 3, but came down with a sudden case of dead-arm.

However, manager John Farrell said today that he "fully expects" Buchholz to start Gme 4 in St Louis.

We shall see. Last time Buchholz slept "funny" we needed daily updates, visits to Dr. James Andrews and anatomy lessons on where exactly is ones "bursa sac." It's not where I thought it was. Thanks, WebMd.

Buchholz told's Rob Bradford:

"Just a little bit of fatigue setting in. ... That’s my outlook on it. For me, taking a couple of days of getting treatment and rest and pumping the fluids and getting the anti-inflammatories in my system. My view right now is to be ready to pitch on Sunday.

It’s just a little dead at certain points."

Dead. At certain points. It's regrettable to say, but at a certain point even Babe Ruth ended up dead. The Bambino won't be pitching in this series either.

The Red Sox right-hander missed 93 days during the season with a neck and shoulder injury. Buchholz made four starts in September, but has struggled in the playoffs. In three postseason starts his ERA stands at 5.40.

Buchholz told The Boston Globes Peter Abraham:

"If I feel like I can’t help the team, I’m not going to go out there."

Buchholz threw today and apparently the results were not good.

If Buchholz can't go in Game 4, left-hander Felix Doubront will get the start against the Cardinals in St. Louis. Doubront pitched a three-inning simulated game Tuesday, but has thrown only 3 2/3 innings in the last month.

The "Buchholz Watch" seems "on" again. Three days and counting, Clay or it's see you next year. You will have plenty of time to rest.

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