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The Celtics may be opening their season tomorrow night, but they know that, come 8:07, all eyes in Boston will be on Fenway Park and the Red Sox, who have a chance to clinch the World Series tomorrow. Celtics coach Brad Stevens had to explain to to his 8-year-old son that the Celtics opener would lose viewers once game 6 started, according to ESPN.

From ESPN:
"I'm like, 'Eh, I don't know about that,'" explained the elder Stevens. "I think we may lose a few viewers around 8:07."

He is well aware that the Celtics home opener is just an appetizer to game 6, he told ESPN.

"We’ll be the appetizer for World Series Game 6. And I’m OK with that," Stevens said. "What an awesome opportunity for them. And to bring it back here and have an opportunity to compete for a World Series title, I can’t imagine what that feels like."

Gerald Wallace, who came over from the Brooklyn Nets trade that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnet to Brooklyn, said that he would be focused on the opener in Toronto and when asked if he would get tossed to try and watch the game, he smiled and said "No Comment," according to ESPN.

"Hopefully we win. My main thing will be focusing on the [basketball] game. Those guys focus on what they do. Obviously I’m a fan at heart, but I do have a job to do and I’ll be prepared to do that [Wednesday] night.”

While the Celtics are focused on their season, they understand full well what a World Series championship would mean to Boston. Jeff Green told ESPN that the Red Sox are his inspiration and he is appreciative of the way the team has come together of the heels of the fiasco last year.

Jeff Green also drew comparisons between the Red Sox team and the current Celtics squad:

"I think we’re in a similar position, where we have guys that not a lot of people know -- [Rajon] Rondo would be our [David] Ortiz -- and we just follow his lead. We just have to go out there and play hard and give it our all."

Me? I'll probably be switching back and forth, but my primary focus will be with the Red Sox. Once the season is over, it'll be all Celtic, Patriots, and Bruins, though. And I certainly appreciate the support that the Celtics are showing. Hopefully they can have a successful season.

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