Doubront likely to be on playoff roster

Photo Courtesy of Over the Monster
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016
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According to a report by Over the Monster, Felix Doubront is likely to get a roster spot over Matt Thornton for the playoffs, although . According to multiple tweets, all signs point to Doubront getting the nod. One tweet from Ryan Hannable, a Red Sox writer for Metro Boston (below, courtesy of Over the Monster) said that Farrell was "protecting against unforeseen circumstances" with the 25th roster spot, which likely means Doubront will be in the bullpen. Another tweet from Rob Bradford (below, courtesy of Over the Monster) says that pitching coach Juan Nieves believes Doubront will be included over Thornton.

Including Doubront would be a wise move, since Doubront has been solid this season as a starter. He had a series of strong starts over the summer, and would be a good lefty option out of the bullpen. This is not set in stone, but all reports seem to point to that being the case.

Over the Monster also points out that Jackie Bradley Jr will likely be on the fill in in case of an injury to Shane Victorino or Jacoby Ellsbury.

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