FEATURE: Who should be the MVPs?

Sam Galanis
Contributing Writer

Now that the Sox are barrelling their way through the postseason, it’s getting to be the time for awards. No matter what team wins, there’ll be an ALCS MVP and a World Series MVP. So who are all the MVPs on the Red Sox?

This one is a little tricky for me. If we’re talking regular season, I’m going to have to go with David Ortiz. The guy was a walking RBI machine all year and had the most dependable bat on the team. But if we’re talking postseason (and we will be if those awards get to go to the Sox), then it’s all about Jacoby Ellsbury, or at least so far. Ellsbury went 9-for-18 with seven runs, two doubles, two RBIs, and four (four!!) stolen bases in just four ALDS games. If that’s not production, then I don’t know what is.

AP Photo/Chris O'Meara
For me, the pitching MVP is clear for the regular season: Koji Uehara. Uehara stepped up and performed when the Sox needed him most and was lights out. Honestly, he showed that he should’ve been the closer all along. As far as the postseason goes, Game 4 of the ALDS got me thinking. Jake Peavy pitched what was probably his best game of the year, and so did Craig Breslow. If either of them continue that through the ALCS, a case will have to be made for them. Uehara has been just as good (I don’t fault him for the home run; it was the only hit he gave up), but that was to be expected from him. With Peavy and Breslow, we’re talking about guys who seriously stepped their game up for the postseason. And that can’t be overlooked.

10th man:
Uehara may have won NESN’s 10th Player Award, but I have someone else in mind. Jonny Gomes may not put up the best numbers, but he puts up numbers when it counts, which might be more important. There aren’t too many players you can rely on when you need a pinch hitter late in a close game, but Gomes is one of them. Not only that, Gomes brings a character to the team that fuels everyone else. This is his fourth postseason, and that’s no coincidence. Even when good old Joe Maddon and Evan Longoria were asked who was instrumental in getting the Rays to the World Series in 2008, they both said Gomes. The man not only produces when it matters, but he makes everyone else want to produce, which is something to be admired.

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