Jake Peavy and the Red Sox 'chief' good luck charm

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(Courtesy Boston Red Sox)
After last night's 5-4 walk-off loss, the Red Sox need all the luck they can get as they look to finish off the Rays.

Tonight's starter Jake Peavy may have just the answer - a cigar-store Indian.

Peavy explained to WEEI.com the story behind the most silent member of the team:

"We went out to San Francisco, and it wasn't that same attitude," Peavy said. "The travel had kind of worn us down. I was walking to the field on the day of my start and walked past a smoke shop, a tobacco/liquor store, I guess. And I'm Indian, my heritage is American Indian. And I walked by and saw just in the glass window this fellow looking at me. And I looked at him and he looked at me. And I just kept walking, I took a few more steps, and I kind of looked back and he was still looking at me. And he said, 'Am I not one of the boys? Look at me, I'm your people.' I said, 'You know what, you are one of the boys.'

"We had some guys banged up at the time. Came up with some elaborate story about how he had some healing spirit, so he started in the training room, getting some guys right. And he made his first appearance that night in San Francisco, or that day, and we ended up losing that game that I pitched.

"And we had a serious team talk with him and told him if he didn't show up tomorrow with a little bit better attitude and show us his powers, then we were going to have to lose him on the plane ride to LA. But he showed up in a big way. [Felix Doubront] pitched well that day, and we took him to LA. He showed up for us there in LA, we won that big series, he got on the flight back with us.

"His wardrobe has grown. I don't know if you know, but he's holding some cigars in his hand, and those are celebratory cigars. When we do hopefully reach our goal, we're going to smoke those cigars that he's got in the box. But now he's got a couple of jerseys on. He's got a beard now. He grew out a beard to get on the same page as the rest of the guys. There he is, Chief. He's going to ride on my Duck Boat if we win the World Series."

Let's hope the Chief has some mojo left in him tonight as Jake Peavy takes to the hill looking to end the Rays luck.

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