Mrs. Captain, Catherine Varitek, has her #RallyBeard going!! Do you!?

Scott Levesque (@scottlevesque)
Managing Editor

Look, I get it. You might be a little nervous about trying something new. Maybe it gives you haunting flashbacks to the time you sat at the dinner table for 5 hours because you decided that refusing to eat broccoli was a hill worth dying on. 

I can tell this is far less painful and definitely worth the risk. 

It's all about joining together and getting your #RallyBeard on. That's pretty much it, people. Here's how to join...

Step 1: Click the picture to the right and save it to your phone or desktop.

Step 2: Find the picture you saved to your phone or desktop

Step 3: Make it your Twitter picture and tweet @RedSoxLife letting us know you've joining the #RallyBeard (use hashtag, please)

Seems like everyone's getting into the #RallyBeard spirit. A special thanks to Catherine Varitek for joining the rally, and as always, LET'S GO RED SOX!!