Power Outage Affects Red Sox & Tiger Stadium

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Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

While the Red Sox have been without power over most of this ALCS series through 3 games, the same happened to Tiger Stadium last night.

Apparently an investigation by DTE Energy, a Detroit-based diversified energy company, found a cable failure near the stadium was at fault.

The cause of the Red Sox power outage has only to do with the supreme quality of Tiger starting pitching.

Nothing else is to blame.

Case in point, when a Red Sox hitter does get ahold of one of their pitches, they are torching them.

According to ESPN stats, over the ALCS so far they have 12 hits, of which two were doubles and two were homers. If you were watching you would have seen that they were all key extra base hits, from tying it up in game 2 to winning it in game 3.

The Red Sox hitters have had 90 at bats where they struck out 43 times with only 10 walks, which is lights out pitching by the Tigers.

Yet, here we are, up 2-1 in the series.

It is a tribute to their tenacity, their patience, and their ability to put the bat on the ball late in games when it really counts.

I don't want to hear about how the lineup has gone cold.

I don't believe they have stopped hitting.

It is a tribute to the Tigers world class starting three, who have absolutely shut down the Red Sox hitters.

The Red Sox have done exactly what it takes, so when the power went out... they waited it out, and when the lights came back on, they were ready with their bats.

It only took one.

Be thankful Red Sox Nation, this has been one of the best series to watch in a long time. This is about almost perfect baseball, where that one bad pitch is being pounced on and costs you the game.

Rub your hands together and get the chips ready, game 4 is tonight and we can only anticipate what it will bring.

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