Red Sox 2013: The Team of Destiny

Photo Courtesy of ESPN
Conor Frederick (@ConorJF1016)
Contributing Writer

If you're a Red Sox diehard like me, last night was one night you'll never forget. Whether you were on of nearly 40,000 watching at Fenway, at home, or a bar, last night was pure joy. Last night was about more than the Red Sox beating the Cardinals and winning their 3rd championship this century. It was about this city recovering from a tragedy and uniting behind this team.

Ever since they came back to Fenway after the horrific events of April 15th and beat Kansas City by coming from behind on a Daniel Nava 3-run home run, I've had a feeling that this team is a "Team of Destiny." Well, what does that mean? It means that I thought this team looked like they could turn the emotion of the tragedy and win a championship. And not to mention that everything has seemed to go in the Sox favor, from injuries to coming up in the clutch. Yep, even Andrew Bailey and Joel Hanrahan going down to make way for Koji Uehara.

Maybe it's karma. Maybe it's the Force. Maybe it's Thor intervening from on high. Call it what you will, but it seemed like the higher powers wanted the Red Sox to win the World Series because of the team's response the Marathon Bombings. That's what this entire season and especially the postseason felt like. Or maybe the beards had magical powers that gave the Sox superpowers. Hey, it's possible, right? I'm gonna go with the magic beards giving the team superpowers theory myself. They started growing out those beards and BOOM. They win a championship. Really, what else could it be? FEAR THE BEARDS.

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