Screw Disney World! "I’m going to drink a lot of beer’’ says Koji Uehara

Photo via @wilkeduhn
Scott Levesque (@scottlevesque)
Managing Editor

Red Sox fans have grown to love the man affectionately known as "U-E." Let's be honest, if he wasn't so damn good at closing out games then we'd probably care about Koji as much as we do Daniel Bard.

Wait, is Bard even with the Red Sox anymore?

Nevertheless, the legend of Uehara could reach mythological proportion if Mr. High Five City himself throws the final out to secure a World Series victory for the Red Sox - hopefully that dream becomes a reality tonight and thus beginning the reemergence of Japanese cinema as the world standard in movie making.

But I digress.

Honestly, this post was to let you, the Red Sox fan, know that Koji has a softer side and a taste for the finer things in life - mostly... beer.

Here's Koji detailing his dark emotions after that Game 3 loss, and how after it's all over, he's going to do a little self medicating - a man after Boston's heart.

“To be honest, I feel like throwing up. Stomach also hurts,’’ he wrote afterward. “We’ve come this far so I guess I have to whip my body a little bit more and keep pushing myself. After everything is finished, I’m going to drink a lot of beer."

* The excerpt come from Uehara's blog, translated by the Globe and available for your viewing pleasure.