So it begins - Friday at 3 p.m. sharp

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The Red Sox open the playoffs Friday at 3 against the winner of tomorrow's one game playoff between the Tampa Bay Rays and Terry Francona's Cleveland Indians, according to The games will be broadcast on TBS with Brian Anderson, Joe Simpson, and John Smoltz as the broadcast team according to Don Orsillo and Dennis Eckersely will be work the Oakland-Detroit series for TBS as well, according to

It seems Tito has looked ahead to a possible match up against Boston and cracked a not-so-subtle joke about his former club. According to, when asked how his team managed to recover and work their way to this one game playoff, Francona responded with "We stayed away from chicken and beer." Yep, he went there. Red Sox Nation remembers the problems of 2011 with chicken and beer being the reason for the epic collapse, which resulted in Francona losing his job with the Red Sox.

But let's put this in perspective. After 162 games, the Red Sox are back in the postseason. Yep, it's reality. Really, does anything else say "Welcome to October" better then seeing the Red Sox back in the playoffs? I for one am really excited about it because the Red Sox are BACK IN THE PLAYOFFS. What, can't you tell I'm excited? It's been a rough last few years, last year especially. I've been a fan since 1996 or 97 and I came in on the tail end of 86 years of suffering, so I might not be able to fully comprehend "The Curse," but last year was definitely a low point. Probably the low point for me.

Again, Friday at 3 p.m. SHARP! Be there or be square. FEAR THE BEARDS.
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