The Rays (and mascot Raymond) continue their klassless tour

Scott Levesque (@scottlevesque)
Managing Editor

I remember playing basketball in middle school, and dreading the “tiny kid” who was always in attendance. And for whatever the reason this kid’s mouth seemed four or five times the size of his preschool-esque body and NO ONE could get it to shut up. Ever.

Seriously… No one.

Day after day mini-me would harass those of us running the court as if we were his personal jesters. Yet, when it came right down to it, little man had done nothing worth noting – except to run his mouth and embarrass himself religiously.

So why discuss that nostalgic middle school moment? It’s simple. I consider the Tampa Bay Rays the MLB version of that kid. Now I’ll admit that a day after the Red Sox clinched their spot in the ALCS I went trolling on the interwebs.

For what you might ask.

That, too, is simple. I was looking for any ammunition I could find to use against that big-mouthed punk kid that seemly haunted my very existence. And you know what? I got exactly what I asked for.

In fact I found a loaded gun.
Klassy with a "K" right Raymond?
Stay klassy, Rays. Stay klassy.