Torii Hunter on Ortiz grand slam: 'I'm pissed off'

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No one had a better view of David Ortiz's game-tying grand slam home run than Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter. Hunter also knew that Ortiz was the one player the Tigers could not let beat them.

Big Papi did just that and set the stage for Jarrod Saltalacchia's game winning hit in the bottom of the ninth.

How did Hunter feel after the walk-off loss?

“I’m pissed off. The one guy you don’t want to beat you, he beat us. One of the best hitters in postseason history. This guy, he hit the ball out of the park, it ties the game up, and they end up coming back and winning the game. We’re all pissed. Everyone on this team is pissed that that happened.

“You don’t want David Ortiz to beat you. Everybody in the whole world knows that this dude can beat you. And it happened. It hurts. But what can you do?

“When David Ortiz walks to the plate, with the bases loaded, you’re thinking grand slam. So why did it happen? [The Tigers learned] not to touch the hot stove anymore. Mom will let you touch it once, let you burn yourself so you never touch it again.”

Whether Hunter and the Detroit Tigers learned their lesson remains to be seen, but for one night the Tigers got burned.

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