Vegas odds in favor of the Sox

Sam Galanis
Contributing Writer

At the beginning of the baseball season, PunditTracker got 63 experts (from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS, Yahoo, and Fox) to give their World Series predictions. Out of those 63, exactly none of them predicted a Red Sox-Cardinals World Series. In fact, not a single “expert” picked either team to win a pennant.

Well, that’s awkward.

But I suppose you can’t blame them. Vegas odds had both teams with less than a 10-percent chance of winning it all. Now that the tables are turned though, oddsmakers named the Sox the favorites to win the World Series.

According to Yahoo’s Mike Oz, “The Red Sox are listed at 5/7 while the Cardinals are at 6/5. The money line for the Red Sox is -140 (meaning you have to wager $140 to win $100) and for the Cardinals it's +120 (meaning a $100 wager gets you $120).”

That information comes from online sportsbook Bovada, whose book manager Kevin Bradley told Oz just how thrilled they were about having the Sox in the Series:

"I am more than happy the Red Sox were able to hold off the Tigers and get into the World Series since they are the team that would provide us with the biggest win possible out of any team that made the playoffs in our World Series Odds. Boston is a small 5/7 favorite against St. Louis paying out at 6/5 and 60% of the early money is on the Cards making our need for Boston to win even bigger."

So there you have it, folks. The Sox are the safe bet. Bovada had Toronto as the favorites to win in December, and PunditTracker’s experts picked Washington. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who put any money on those teams is not too happy right now. But to any dedicated Sox fans who went for them before anyone else, the odds are now in your favor, so congratulations.

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