Voting Open to Retire Fenway Tradition Sweet Caroline

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Did you catch this over at the Boston Harold, where the music reporter wandered into the sports section by mistake?

What Mr. Gottlieb does not understand, being a music mind we can not fault him really, is that you never, ever, change a thing when a postseason run is on.

Let me repeat that.



No matter what...

Change a single thing when you are on a winning streak. What is he thinking by suggesting one of the staples of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway park since 2002 be changed to something to "...knock the Rays on their cans?"

The Red Sox have been "...knocking the Rays on their cans..." just fine without any musical alterations to from what has worked all year long to get them into the postseason. With all due respect Mr. Gottlieb, please stick to your David Lee Roth scholaring and let the Red Sox Nation enjoy our traditions. We are busy rooting for our beloved team that is well on the way into the postseason without any of the more catchy theme songs you suggest.

This is baseball, this is tradition, this is what we like to call the Fenway experience. If you take out your iPod ear buds while at Fenway next time, you will notice they are cheering the Red Sox, singing along to 'Sweet Caroline', and teasing right fielders with chants of 'My-ers, My-ers!'

Be sure to bounce over and give Mr. Gottlieb a few moments of your time to vote up 'Sweet Caroline'.

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