Big Papi's $150,000 celebration (VIDEO)

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(AP Photo)
No one knows how to motivate a team to win and no one knows how to celebrate after like Big Papi David Ortiz.

According to TMZ, that Green Monster sized bottle of champagne that Ortiz was partying with following Wednesday night's World Series victory is one pricey party favor - $150,000 kind of pricey.

The bubbly known as Ace of Spades, or more specifically "Armand de Brignac Nebuchadnezzar Champagne", reportedly costs between $100,000 and $150,000.

When asked about the expensive bottle by MLB Network, Ortiz said, "Hey, that's how we roll, man, That's how we roll."

Considering the Red Sox had not celebrated a World Series win at Fenway Park since the days of Babe Ruth in 1918, it seems a big bash was appropriate.

You know the Bambino would have approved.

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